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Efrain Olachea


Efrain Olachea

Legal Coordinator for Conservation Projects

Efrain is WILDCOAST’s legal advisor in Mexico. He's in charge of the negotiations and legal documentation of our Wildlands Project located in El Valle de los Cirios Natural Protected Area in Baja California. Efrain is also in charge of coordinating the legal components of the Ramsar Wetlands Conservation Project, and supervising all legal corporate activities of WILDCOAST in Mexico.

Efrain has 10 years of experience in matters related to civil law, corporate, family, immigration, taxes and, extensive knowledge in conservation management projects and environmental law in Mexico and at an International level.

Efrain is received his law degree from el Tecnológico de Baja California, and he is currently completing his master's degree in Environmental Laws and Public Policy at the Universidad del Medio Ambiente, in Mexico.

He's a supporter of ecosystem conservation and sustainability and his favorite hobbies are practicing Tae Kwon Do and Hiking.