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WiLDCOAST carries out an intensive national and international media campaign to protect the sensitive Cabo Pulmo coral reef by pressuring decision makers to cancel the Cabo Cortes mega-project. Media outputs included 73 web articles, featuring front page Huffington Post (Green Section) and front page Yahoo Mexico, 13 prime-time national television segments, 24 newspaper articles (in the US, Mexico, and Spain), 9 radio interviews, 6 local TV segments, for a total of 125 media hits. The campaign to protect Cabo Pulmo reached an estimated audience of 200 million. 

WiLDCOAST organized photo exhibitons in the Federal Senate and Congress in Mexico City to highlight the importance Cabo Plumo's coral reef. This led legislators to pass official motions against the construction of the mega-development called Cabo Cortes. 

Results: With public and legislative support we pressured Mexico's president Felipe Calderón to revoke the projects permits, which he did on June 2012 - saving the coral reef from extinction.