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WiLDCOAST enlists Mexican wrestling superstar El Hijo del Santo to fight for the ocean. The masked superhero campaigns to preserve coastal ecosystems and marine life in California and Mexico receiving international attention. WiLDCOAST launches its Mexican division, COSTASALVAjE A.C.  to further its efforts to protect ecosystems and species at risk in Mexico.  Due in part to the advocacy efforts of WiLDCOAST, the U.S. Congress includes $66 million for a new sewage treatment plan along the U.S.-Mexico border. WiLDCOAST is included in the HBO series, John from Cincinnati.  WiLDCOAST receives the San Diego Earthworks “E.A.R.T.H.” award in recognition of its innovative outreach campaigns. In 2007, Chevron Texaco cancels its plans to build a LNG terminal off of the Coronados Islands.