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December 18, 2017

12 Days of Giving The WILDCOAST Way

Veronica Cruz

The holiday season is in full swing and it is an opportune time to celebrate WILDCOAST's conservation successes from throughout 2017 during our #12Daysof Giving Campaign. 

From protecting critical sea turtle nesting beaches in Oaxaca, Mexico to conserving more than half a million acres of marine protected areas in California, WILDCOAST's ecosystem based approach to coastal and marine conservation is making a real impact, but we can't do it without your support!

So as 2017 comes to a close, we invite you to be a part of this exciting and important work by following along and making a year-end donation to WILDCOAST today! Please donate generously to support WILDCOAST’s conservation efforts so together we can ensure the wonder and joy of our coast and ocean will thrive for generations to come.

Day 1 - Protect Coral Reefs 

Coral reefs cover less than 1% of the ocean floor, but provide habitat to ¼ of all fish species. To help protect coral reefs in Huatulco National Park, WILDCOAST has installed 1.1 miles of protective conservation and mooring buoys. The buoy system is spread across five bays within the park – and is protecting more than 13,000 acres of coral reefs below the water’s surface. Your support can help us scale this proven model to other delicate reefs systems throughout Mexico.

Day 2 - Empowering Local Communities

Empowering local communities of the regions we work to conserve is critical to achieving lasting impact. In 2017, WILDCOAST engaged tens of thousands of local youth, students and families in the United States and Mexico through stewardship. From sharing the importance of our marine protected areas through a community film screening, to engaging youth on the importance of protecting sea turtle nesting beaches and coral reefs – a grassroots approach has proven most effective at protecting our coast and ocean. Help us continue our efforts by making a year-end donation today!

Day 3 - California's Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)

Did you know? WILDCOAST is helping conserve California’s Marine Protected Area network - one of the largest MPA networks in the world - spanning 16% of the state’s waters! California’s MPAs provide refuge to array of marine species from humpback and blue whales, who travel from their Arctic feeding grounds in the north to their birthing and breeding grounds along the Baja California peninsula to seals, sea turtles, dolphins, abalone and the California spiny lobster. Support your local MPAs and support WILDCOAST’s work to conserve these iconic coastal treasures.

Day 4 - MPA Watch Program 

Did you know California has 124 designated marine protected areas or MPAs? MPAs help protect some of our most important areas along our coast, just like state and national parks help protect natural areas on land. You can help protect your MPAs by becoming an MPA Watch Volunteer! WILDCOAST is helping manage California’s statewide MPA Watch program – a citizen science monitoring program that will train you to observe and collect data on the many ways people enjoy our MPAs. To become an MPA Watch Volunteer and help protect our coast and ocean contact Angela Kemsley, MPA Watch Coordinator at: to learn more!

Day 5 - Conserving Baja California's Critical Coasatal Desert

In 2017, WILDCOAST acquired 6,000 acres of coastal desert in the Pacific Rim Valley of the Valle de los Cirios that is now permanently set aside for the sole purpose of conservation. This area is one of the last few intact wild coastal regions remaining on the Baja California Peninsula and now will remain that way for generations to come. You can help WILDCOAST continue to conserve globally important ecosystems by making a year-end donation today!

Day 6 - Protecting Sea Turtles on Oaxaca's Coast

Thanks to increased monitoring and the reduction of the turtle egg loving scarab beetle, WILDCOAST, in partnership with CONANP, have increased sea turtle hatchling survival by 16% in Morro Ayuta, Oaxaca – southern Mexico’s most important sea turtle nesting beach. So far this nesting season more than 1.7 million female olive ridley sea turtles have nested along Morro Ayuta’s 9.9 mile stretch of beach.

Day 7 - WILDCOAST's Floating Laboratory

In 2017, 400 students participated in WILDCOAST’s Floating Laboratory Program. This unique boat-based educational excursion not only exposes budding scientists to their local MPAs, but the data collected on each research cruise is analyzed and used to help guide management decisions and monitor ecosystem health. Programs like these help shape the new generation of ocean stewards. You can help support WILDCOAST’s stewardship efforts by making a year-end donation today!

Day 8 - Protecting Delicate Coastal Wetlands

The Tijuana River shed, which straddles the U.S. – MEX border, features sensitive coastal and marine ecosystems that provide refuge to dozens of species of migratory birds, and is also an important nursery for leopard sharks. WILDCOAST is working to stop cross-border flows of trash and sewage that damage these sensitive ecosystems and wildlife. This holiday season you can take action for clean water by using your voice to restore the Environmental Protection Agency’s Border Wastewater Infrastructure Program that helps prevent sewage spills that pollute the estuary and south San Diego beaches. To take action - find your representative and let them know what clean water means for you. Every call counts!

Day 9 - Grey Whales of the Baja California Peninsula

Off the coast of California, it is not uncommon to spot gray, humpback, blue, sperm and finback whales swimming and breaching along the state’s MPAs. Gray whales connect California’s marine protected areas to the mangroves and islands of the Baja California peninsula as they make their way back and forth from their feeding grounds in the north to their birthing and breeding grounds in the south. To date Wildcoast has conserved nearly 500 miles of coastline around whale breeding grounds in the Baja California peninsula.

Day 10 - Explore Your MPA

Marine Protected Areas or MPAs help conserve California’s ocean resources. Wildcoast’s ‘Explore Your MPA’ program engages local youth on the importance of their MPAs so they can become avid protectors and stewards of their coast and ocean. In 2017, we engaged nearly 200 students through this program. Help us continue our efforts by making a year-end donation to WILDCOAST today!

Day 11 - Mangroves are Life!

Mangroves lagoons provide refuge to gray whales and migratory birds while offering important nursery habitat for sharks and commercially important fish and shellfish. Did you know mangroves are also a natural deterrent against climate change? They are among the world’s greatest carbon sequestering plants, reducing this greenhouse gas and storing it within their rich soils. To date WILDCOAST has conserved 5,720 acres of mangrove forests throughout Mexico. An additional 74,000 acres are pending protection through conservation concessions. Mangroves are Life! Support our efforts and make a year-end donation today!

Day 12 - Globally Important Ecosystems - a Solution to Climate Change

With the dramatic rise in destructive hurricanes, floods and wildfires worldwide, it is more important than ever to protect our coast and ocean. Since 2000, WILDCOAST has been working to conserve globally important mangroves, coral reefs, kelp forests, estuaries and lagoons that serve critical functions in regulating our global climate and protecting communities and iconic wildlife. Across all of WILDCOAST’s conservation projects and programs climate adaptation and mitigation is at the center of our approach. Help continue our efforts by making a year-end, tax-deductible donation to WILDCOAST today!